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Best of the West #30: Kevin Lynch, Michigan

Kevin Lynch, Forward, 6-1 190 lbs., US National Development Program


Role he'll likely play: Lynch seems like a perfect fit to replace Travis Turnbull as a third line center on Michigan's team. He could also be an effective penalty killer.

Why he is ranked here: Lynch was one of the surprises of the NHL Draft, being selected in the second round by the Columbus Blue Jackets. He's not a flashy player that is going to score a lot of points, but he is a solid, more defensive-minded center. The odds of him being spectacular probably aren't great, but the odds of him being good are pretty high.

Why he'll be great: Lynch has a terrific nose for the puck, and always seems to be involved in the play and making things happen.

Why he might not: Lynch may put up some points, but they're more likely to be grinding, garbage goals rather than creating a lot of offense by himself.

Contrived Rivals-style star ranking: 3 stars