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Best of the West #35: Corban Knight, North Dakota

Corban Knight, Forward, 6-1 180 lbs., Okotoks(AJHL)


Role he'll likely play: Knight was one of the last roster additions in college hockey this summer, when he got a late call from North Dakota after Matt Frattin was suspended from the team. Knight's natural position is at center, where the Siuox are already fairly deep, but he's good enough that North Dakota should be able to find a spot for him.

Why he is ranked here: Knight is a late-bloomer whose prospects really took off with a late growth spurt. Another year in the AJHL wouldn't have hurt him, but he's good enough that he should be able contribute for North Dakota this season.

Why he'll be great: Knight could turn into the next Tyler Bozak, who also hit a late growth spurt and turned into a great hockey player.

Why he might not: North Dakota is already pretty deep at the forward position. Delaying his entry to 2010 may have partially been because of roster space considerations, but he also only really has one good season of junior hockey under his belt.

Contrived Rivals-style star ranking: 3 stars