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Best of the West #18: Derek Grant, Michigan State

Derek Grant, Forward, 6-3 190 lbs., Langley(BCHL)


Role he'll likely play: Michigan State's forward lines were embarassing by the end of the season with a bunch of former NAHL players and walk-ons, so there should be icetime a plenty for a talented forward like Grant. Not only will he get the opportunity to play in key spots, but Michigan State will probably need him to be excellent to avoid another disaster like last season.

Why he is ranked here: Grant was a 4th round draft pick in 2008 and put up a lot of points playing in the BCHL. He only played 35 games last year due to injury, but put up 60 points, a pace that would have made him the league's leading scorer had he played the whole year.

Why he'll be great: Grant has shown he's very good at putting the puck in the net and he'll get every opportunity to do so at Michigan State.

Why he might not: Grant is a big player, but tends to rely on his skills more than his size to create opportunities. He could struggle with the more physical play of college hockey.

Contrived Rivals-style star ranking: 4 stars