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WCHA Standardizes Timeout Policy

File this new rule under "The More You Know":

"There will be a total of three, 1:00 (one-minute) Official Time-outs per period for all WCHA men’s regular season (including exhibition games) and first round WCHA Playoff games.

Official Time-outs may not exceed 1:00 (one-minute) and there should be no more than three per period. It is recommended by the Association that the three, 1:00 (one-minute) Official Time-outs be taken at the first stoppages of play after the 15:00, 10:00 and 5:00 marks of each period. (Note: a penalty at 14:55 effectively cancels the 15:00 timeout if the break cannot be taken :05 (five) seconds early.)

Official Time-outs may NOT be taken during power-plays, and Official Time-outs are discouraged (but not prohibited) during even-strength shorthanded play. Official Time-outs also cannot be taken after icings. There will be no Official Time-outs taken during overtime periods."

*shrug* I guess that makes sense. It makes stoppages the same for televised and non-televised games. And I like the standardized timeouts in college basketball, though this rule seems to have way more discretion. I do notice there is nothing in there about taking a timeout after a goal is scored, which I'm sure somebody will complain about at some point during the season.