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USA in International Play

There were a bunch of late summer international events that have gone on in the last week or so. I don't have much to add that you couldn't have found on USA Hockey's website, but we may as well go over it in case you missed it.

Ivan Hlinka Memorial

The Ivan Hlinka is the summer U18 tournament and featured this roster. As a reminder, USA Hockey tries to give kids not in the NTDP some international experience. It isn't quite Team USA's 'B' roster, but it's fairly close.

The US finished in a respectable fourth place. They lost their first game to a strong Russian side--I'm not sure if it was their best team, but it did include Kirill Kabanov and Stanislav Galiev, who should be first round draft picks next summer--before beating Finland and Slovakia, and then getting blown out by Sweden in the third place game. Fourth place is actually one of the US' better finishes in this event.

Sam Warning, Christian Isackson, and Kevin Lind were some of the top scorers for the US team. I was surprised we didn't hear more about Lind being pursued by colleges last season. That will likely change after this summer.

Canada--who sends their best to this tournament--rolled over everyone on their way to a gold medal. Any of the teams from their tryout camp probably could have taken the gold.

World Junior Tryout Camp

After a couple days of camp, USA hockey pared their initial roster fo 43 players down to 29 and had them compete against Russia, where they went 3-1-0 in exhibition play.

None of the 14 players cut were all that shocking, except possibly David Wohlberg, who I thought was a lock for the team after the way he played last year(EDIT: Apparently Wohlberg is injured, so that explains that). None of the players they kept were that egregious though, except possibly Tyler Johnson, who is probably only there because he's technically a returning player.

It's tough to draw too many conclusions from a summer camp for a tournament still four months away. It's really only the last couple of spots up for grabs, and it's probably better to see who is playing well during the actual season before deciding on those spots.

Under 17 Five Nations Tournament

That was this roster, in case you forgot. It's (mostly) non-NTDP '93 birthdates.

They won their first exhibition game against Germany, and then lost their first game of the tournament to Slovakia. They get the day off today, and then will play each of the next three days.

Sweden U-20 Camp

I had forgotten to mention this on here earlier, though I did mention it to a bunch of people, but Sweden held their camp for the World Juniors, and they skated against a team made up of players from North America. Here was the North American roster. It went about like you'd expect for the North Americans playing against a roster of NHL draft picks. But it sounds like a cool experience and hopefully continues in the future.