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And We're Back

Apologies for the lack of posting the past couple weeks. A bunch of you have asked, and the reasons are as follows, listed in order of importance....

1. I am now officially married. As it turns out, the process of getting married takes up quite a bit of time.

2. It's summer, and there's just not much to write about. Posting usually slows during these summer months. It was even worse this year because USA Hockey moved all of their Select camps to Rochester, so I wasn't able to attend any. On the plus side, everyone got some bonus coverage of the World U18s this spring since that was in Minnesota, but I realize that was probably little consolation.

3. With not a lot of hockey news going on, I tried focusing on my real job a little more, which is way less fun, but way more profitable. Thus, a lot of minor/tangentially-related stories got passed over.

4. I laid the groundwork for some bigger projects here that will hopefully come together in the future.

So there are my excuses. Regular posting should resume now. There's a couple things to catch up on, and then I'll get into working on next season with a list of top 50 WCHA/CCHA recruits.