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Frattin Suspended

Apparently not only will North Dakota be changing their nickname, they're also changing their name from the University of No Discipline to the University of Severe Consequences.

By now I think we've all had a good laugh over the antics of Joe Finley and Matt Frattin earlier this week. Today, UND head coach Dave Hakstol announced Frattin's punishment, which includes a minimum of a two-game suspension, counseling, and a reduction in scholarship.

That seems about fair. The two games seems to include the team's exhibition opener against Manitoba and first game against Merrimack. That in itself probably would have been sufficient. The counseling probably isn't a bad idea if it's a consistent problem, and judging from their drunken comments to the cops, that's not out of the realm of possibility. The scholarship reduction seems a bit fishy, but it's not as if Frattin is on the Kyle Radke Bust-Turned-Goon Scholarship. Frattin established himself as a solid second-liner and legitimate goal-scoring threat last season.

The Washington Capitals haven't announced any sort of punishment for Joe Finley, but the inevitable assignment to the ECHL later this season seems like punishment enough.