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Hockey writer Gare Joyce had an NHL Draft Combine notebook for Sportsnet Ontario, with a lot of tidbits from the Combine. Like I've said before, there's not a ton of useful information you can take solely from physical testing, so mostly Joyce uses it as a platform to take shots at kids who dared not play in the CHL. Apparently Louis Leblanc screwed himself because he would have learned how to ride a bike better in Quebec.

Minnesota's Jordan Schroeder is also listed as having unimpressive interviews. Of course, a lot of was made of Joyce's description of Phil Kessel's trainwreck interview with the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2006--one wonders how the BJs brass would handle it if you sat them in a room and said, "So, you've never won a playoff game in franchise history. Discuss."--and look how that turned out. Kessel has 126 career points in the NHL, Derick Brassard, drafted one pick after Kessel by the Blue Jackets, and the player they presumably would have selected even if Kessel was there, has 27 career points. But I bet he interviewed great.

College Hockey News had a good interview with new UNO AD Trev Alberts. There's nothing definitive on UNO moving to the WCHA, but Alberts seems to understand that long-term, that's the most logical thing. He also says he's against Nebraska-Lincoln starting a hockey program, which I think is a mistake. It's a city where the USHL has been successful, it's a big campus, and they'd have a great hockey rivalary with UNO. Now probably isn't the right time, because there's a very delicate balance in college hockey that would be thrown off with one more team, but some time down the road, I think they'd be a great addition.

This is really old, but Andy Baggott suggested Wisconsin should become an independent in order to allow Bemidji into the WCHA. Good luck with that.