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Kyle Bonis of the Traverse City Stars committed to Ferris State. Bonis is originally from Ontario and was one of the more talented players in the NAHL last year. It's a very nice pick-up by Ferris State.

North Dakota recruit Corbin Knight is going back to the AJHL next season and then coming to North Dakota in 2010.

The DC Pro Sports Report is compiling mock drafts from around the interwebs, including yours truly.

This seems like a given, but an NHL team is much more likely to get a high-scoring defenseman in the first round of the draft.

The Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune has a fluffy article on Pens coach Dan Bylsma.

The NHL turned down a proposal on automatic penalties for hits to the head. That's a tough call. Something needs to be done about contact to the head. Players are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever and concussions are a serious, and often under-respected problem.(Who can forget former Wild GM Doug Riseborough once asserting that they were lucky one of their players "only injured his head, and not his shoulder." If that doesn't describe the Wild's neanderthal style of hockey, I don't know what does). But at the same time, as Ciskie says in the article, the NCAA went to an automatic penalty for hits from behind, and that has pretty much been a fiasco. I think Colin Campbell just needs to be tougher, and more consistent when assessing suspensions.

Former Denver Pioneer Glenn Anderson and are handing out hockey blogger awards, so feel free to nominate this blog, or, you know, a good one.