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Schedules for next season have slowly been coming out over the summer, and I've been trying to collect them. Here's a listing of what I've got so far.


St. Cloud State-The Huskies non-conference schedule is a little tougher this year with road series at Miami and at Quinnipiac. It looks like they're also trying to start Saturday home games at either 5pm or 6pm.

Alaska-Anchorage- The Seawolves go over a month without a game in the middle of the year again next season.

Wisconsin-The Badgers have their outdoor game with Michigan in February.

Minnesota-The Gophers get a game moved back a day because of the new on-campus football stadium.

Colorado College-CC gets to the be the WCHA team that makes the January trip to Florida.

Denver-Vermont and Ohio State should be two interesting series to start the season with.

Michigan Tech-Tech is also going with the 5:07 Saturday start in January and February, presumably for weather reasons.

Minnesota State-The Mavericks play RIT on New Year's Day, presumably to avoid any potential conflict with a Golden Gopher bowl game.

North Dakota-I couldn't find a good permalink, but Brad has the schedule on the right sidebar of his blog.


Nebraska-Omaha-UNO could run into St. Lawrence at the Icebreaker and at the Denver Cup midseason.

Northern Michigan-The 'Cats play a non-conference series with Bemidji after BSU spent much of the spring begging NMU to join the WCHA.

Miami-They start out their season with two tough non-conference series against St. Cloud and New Hampshire