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We got some nifty new software this week that makes these posts a lot easier to make, so hopefully these will be more frequent.

There's a new job opening in college hockey as Roger Grillo resigned at Brown to be a regional manager for USA Hockey's American Development Model.

Here are the full results of the NHL Scouting Combine, or, if you want something more concise, here is Hockey's Future's recap of the event.

Here is more on Bob Motzko's contract extension.

Western Michigan is considering moving to a proposed downtown arena. Aside from probably being the only college hockey arena in the country to serve Bell's beer, I've got to agree that this would probably be a bad idea for WMU.

North Dakota needs a new third-string goalie.

North Dakota also has the only staff in the country made entirely of alums.

George Plimpton's book on going through the Boston Bruins training camp is back in print.