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NHL Draft: Risers and Fallers

There's always a lot of surprises when you mix the opinions of 30 different teams at the NHL Draft. Here's a listing of 5 college guys I think got picked too high, and 5 I think got picked too low.

Too High

1. William Wrenn(43rd overall to San Jose)-I had hinted at this in my draft preview, but I have a tough time seeing where Wrenn fits in at the pro level. One of the comparisons I kept coming back to was former DU captain Andrew Thomas, who I absolutely loved as a college player, but has never really found a niche at the pro level.

2. Kevin Lynch(56th overall to Columbus)-I really like Kevin Lynch as a hockey player, but the second round seems too early for a player whose offensive upside I think is fairly limited. Similar to Wrenn, I think some teams overrated his offensvie capabilities after a couple big games early in the U18s.

3. Phillip Samuelsson(61st overall)-He has potential and bloodlines, but I think that's a very risky pick that high in the draft.

4. Nick Oliver(110th overall)-I wasn't sure if Oliver would get drafted, and was surprised to see his name come off the board so early.

5. Oliver Lauridsen(196th overall)-Yep, still too high.

Too Low

1. Jordan Schroeder(22nd overall to Vancouver)-I think it's just a case of scouts getting too picky and overthinking things a little too much. If you look at what Schroeder has done on the ice, there's no reason he should be the 22nd best player in the draft.

2. Zach Budish(41st overall to Nashville)-Budish has first round talent plain and simple.

3. Danny Mattson(Undrafted)-Size ruled the day at the NHL Draft again this year. I really can't see the logic in passing over a player with skills like that to pick a kid who is over 6'4" and can't skate at all.

4. Mike Lee(91st overall to Phoenix)-There were 6 goalies that went off the board before Lee was taken. That's probably 4-6 goalies too many.

5. Jerry D'Amigo(158th overall to Toronto)-I thought he'd make a big jump after the U18s. I'm surprised he fell into the 6th round.