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Notable College Picks on Day 2 of the NHL Draft

Here's some notable college players taken on the second day of the NHL Draft.

Round 2 36th overall: Phoenix Coyotes: Chris Brown(Michigan)

Round 2 38th overall: Dallas Stars: Alex Chiasson(Boston University)

Round 2 41st overall: Nashville Predators: Zach Budish(Minnesota)

Round 2 43rd overall: San Jose Sharks: William Wrenn(Denver)

Round 2 44th overall: Florida Panthers: Drew Shore(Denver)

Round 2 50th overall: Toronto Maple Leafs: Kenny Ryan(Boston College)

Round 2 51st overall: Carolina Hurricanes: Brian Dumoulin(Boston College)

Round 2 56th overall: Columbus Blue Jackets: Kevin Lynch(Michigan)

Round 2 59th overall: Chicago Blackhawks: Brandon Pirri(RPI)

Round 3 63rd overall: Pittsburgh Penguins: Ben Hanowski(St. Cloud)

Round 3 67th overall: Florida Panthers: Josh Birkholz(Minnesota)

Round 3 69th overall: Dallas Stars: Reilly Smith(Miami)

Round 3 71st overall: Edmonton Oilers: Troy Hesketh(Wisconsin)

Round 3 79th overall: Montreal Canadiens: Mac Bennett(Michigan)

Round 3 83rd overall: Vancouver Canucks: Kevin Connauton(Western Michigan)

Round 3 89th overall: Chicago Blackhawks: Dan DeLisle(Minnesota-Duluth)

Round 3 91st overall: Phoenix Coyotes: Michael Lee(St. Cloud)

Round 4 98th overall: Nashville Predators: Craig Smith(Wisconsin)

Round 4 100th overall: Ottawa Senators: Chris Wideman(Miami)

Round 4 110th overall: Nashville Predators: Nick Oliver(St. Cloud)

Round 4 113th overall: Vancouver Canucks: Jeremy Price(Colgate)

Round 4 114th overall: New Jersey Devils: Seth Helgeson(Minnesota)

Round 4 115th overall: Washington Capitals: Patrick Wey(Boston College)

Round 4 116th overall: Minnesota Wild: Alex Fallstrom(Harvard)

Round 5 123rd overall: Pittsburgh Penguins: Alex Velischek(Providence)

Round 5 124th overall: Colorado Avalanche: Kieran Millan(Boston University)

Round 5 128th overall: Toronto Maple Leafs: Eric Knodel(Uncommitted)

Round 5 134th overall: Buffalo Sabres: Mark Adams(Uncommitted)

Round 5 135th overall: Florida Panthers: Corban Knight(North Dakota)

Round 5 137th overall: Columbus Blue Jackets: Thomas Larkin(Colgate)

Round 5 138th overall: Florida Panthers: Wade Megan(Boston University)

Round 5 141st overall: Calgary Flames: Spencer Bennett(Alaska-Anchorage)

Round 5 144th overall: New Jersey Devils: Derek Rodwell(North Dakota)

Round 5 146th overall: Ottawa Senators: Jeff Costello(Notre Dame)

Round 5 150th overall: Detroit Red Wings: Nick Jensen(St. Cloud)

Round 6 152nd overall: New York Islanders: Anders Lee(Notre Dame)

Round 6 158th overall: Toronto Maple Leafs: Jerry D'Amigo(RPI)

Round 6 159th overall: Dallas Stars: Curtis McKenzie(Miami)

Round 6 164th overall: Buffalo Sabres: Connor Knapp(Miami)

Round 6 173rd overall: Vancouver Canucks: Joe Cannata(Merrimack)

Round 6 177th overall: Chicago Blackhawks: David Pacan(Vermont)

Round 7 182nd overall: Minnesota Wild: Erik Haula(Minnesota)

Round 7 183rd overall: Tampa Bay Lightning: Kirill Gotovets(Cornell)

Round 7 184th overall: Colorado Avalanche: Gus Young(Yale)

Round 7 190th overall: Ottawa Senators: Brad Peltz(Yale)

Round 7 191st overall: Ottawa Senators: Michael Sdao(Princeton)

Round 7 192nd overall: Nashville Predators: Cam Reid(New Hampshire)

Round 7 193rd overall: Minnesota Wild: Anthony Hamburg(Uncommitted)

Round 7 195th overall: Chicago Blackhawks: Paul Phillips(Denver)

Round 7 196th overall: Philadelphia Flyers: Oliver Lauridsen(St. Cloud)

Round 7 198th overall: Los Angeles Kings: Nic Dowd(St. Cloud)

Round 7 199th overall: Montreal Canadiens: Mike Cichy(North Dakota)

Round 7 202nd overall: St. Louis Blues: Max Tardy(Minnesota-Duluth)

Round 7 203rd overall: Atlanta Thrashers: Jordan Samuels-Thomas(Bowling Green)

Round 7 204th ovearll: New Jersey Devils: Curtis Gedig(Uncommitted)

Round 7 206th overall: Boston Bruins: Ben Sexton(Clarkson)