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Straw Vote Coming Soon on WCHA Expansion

From Brad Schlossman:

Moose Richards from KBUN radio in Bemidji is reporting on Twitter that the WCHA will take a straw poll on Wednesday night to see whether the athletic directors would accept the terms commish Bruce McLeod has negotiated with Nebraska-Omaha.

This is pretty big news, and not just because Brad has become one of the first people to successfully work 'moose' 'straw' and 'Twitter' into the same sentence.

It sounds like UNO and the WCHA have been negotiating back and forth on things the last couple of weeks. On one hand, you've had a lot of people saying it's basically a given that UNO will be in the WCHA, while UNO's official position has been "not so fast, my friend"--Wait, it's the other ESPN football guy running the show at UNO--probably because all this talk of UNO wanting into the WCHA weakens their bargaining position.

It sounds like the two main issues are the league entry fee and when UNO starts collecting revenue from the WCHA tournament. I'm guessing when UNO gets revenue from the WCHA tournament is the one sticking point. Hopefully a compromise can be made/has been made that allows UNO to accept a certain percentage of a playoff share for a number of years that will still be bigger than what they'd get from the CCHA, but still small enough that the rest of the WCHA makes about the same thanks to the extra playoff money they'll be receiving from the bigger conference tournament.

If tonight's vote goes well, UNO and Bemidji can make formal applications and we'll finally have this part of the mess taken care of. From there, UAH will be the last CHA team that will need to find a home.