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Different Paths at the Draft

Adam Gretz from Fanhouse tries to look at the NCAA vs. CHL debate as it pertains to the draft. It's a bit disappointing in that Gretz didn't seem to understand the difference between players being drafted out of the NCAA--of which there are few these days--and players that get drafted prior to starting NCAA hockey, of which there are many, many more. Still some very good quotes from a couple NHL front office types who basically say that where a player plays doesn't matter.

It's always interesting to see some of those statistics though. The "fastest route to the NHL" only gets a drafted player a 3+ year NHL career one out of every five times, and that's not including the Nunns and Murovichs of the world that never get drafted.

SB Nation blog In Lou We Trust took a look at drafting US high school players. The Devils don't have much track record with HS players though. One high pick that has worked out well, and four late round picks that didn't. You could also count Mike Hoeffel who played at Hill-Murray, and looks like a solid pick.

Meanwhile, Copper & Blue has been running statistics comparing different players in various leagues and took a look at the NCAA, USHL, and US High Schools. I'm not sure there's much value in comparing a player that played at Shattuck against a player that played for Hotchkiss Prep against a player that Class A hockey in Minnesota.