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UNO to WCHA Quicker Than Expected?

There's an interesting twist to the story about Dean Blais being hired as the new head coach at Nebraska-Omaha.

Former Minnesota SID, and editor of Let's Play Hockey magazine Kevin Kurtt is reporting on his blog that UNO moving to the WCHA was part of the negotations to get Blais to agree to a deal. This is fascinating because it's the first time I've ever heard of a team switching conferences just to court a head coach, but in all honesty, UNO was probably headed in that direction anyway. It was probably more of an assurance that if Blais went to UNO, he would be back home in the WCHA.

Anyway, it's strange that it took Blais to finally get this done, but in the long run, UNO to the WCHA is the right move.