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Blais to UNO

I'll probably be out when this gets announced officially, so I'll post it now. Nebraska-Omaha will name Dean Blais as their new head coach today.

Blais will make his return to college hockey after leaving a highly successful North Dakota program in 2004. Blais' interest in the job probably also indicates that UNO will head to the WCHA some day, though I think that was going to happen regardless of who the new head coach is.

I'm a little disappointed that somebody like Mike Guentzel, who has been so close to so many head coaching jobs isn't finally getting his chance, but on the plus side, we no longer have to hear people talk about Dean Blais for every single job opening in college hockey.

So UNO has their big name head coach. Now the question becomes whether or not Blais can turn them into a consistent winner.