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NAHL forward Jerry Freismuth committed to Bowling Green. Freismuth was impressive at the last two NAHL Showcases in Minnesota, so it seems like a pretty nice addition for Bowling Green.

UNO has interviewed 6 candidates for their head coaching position and rumors are that they are very close to hiring someone, so they may get this done sooner than expected.

Apparently Fairbanks is giving some consideration to joining the WCHA, and the UAA Fan Blog is pushing for it--somebody wants a Basement Buddy!--but some of the reasons don't make a lot of sense. I don't see how UNO is a natural fit for the CCHA. In college hockey geography, there's nothing "central" about UNO. They're the 7th most western team in college hockey--North Dakota edges them out by about 6 degrees of longitude. Travelwise, Anchorage and Houghton would be the only trips that would be farther away than their closest road trip in the CCHA, which is to South Bend. I also don't think Mike Kemp resigning to take over hockey operations at UNO is that big of a deal, especially since we're talking about Fairbanks, a school with about as much coaching stability as the '77 Yankees.

About 18,000 of the estimated 40,000 tickets have been sold for the Camp Randall Outdoor Hockey Game. I think they might have a tough time selling all 40,000. $25 a ticket just seems like too high of a price on the ticket, and there's not a lot of novelty for Michigan fans to travel out there since most have seen Michigan play outdoors once, and will have a chance to see them play an outdoor game at home the following year.

If you think recruiting in college hockey in crazy with CHL competition, it's probably worse in college baseball. Michigan called in Red Berenson to talk to a baseball recruit about the virtues of going to college rather than signing in the pros.