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2009 Draft-stravangza

We're a mere 16 days away from the first round of the NHL Entry Draft, which means it's probably about time I start posting some of the stuff I've been working on for this year's draft. This is a fun one for me because while I was combing through the archives here, I realized I've been watching some of these kids for nearly three and a half years now, so it's interesting to see how far they've come.

Anyway, here's some of the stuff that I have planned:

-Write-ups on future college hockey players that are likely to be drafted. The past couple of years, I've only done about three of these on guys projected to go in or near the first round. Ths year, I decided to be more motivated and will have 16(-ish. Ten are done. I still have six more to write.) write-ups, including some guys that aren't necessarily first round types, since the amount of information out there is pretty heavily weighted towards the surefire, first round guys.

-A ton of links from around the SBN network from sites that are posting their own prospect write-ups

-I'll update my Mock Draft one last time before the festivities based on how I think the selections will go down, as well as post a list of how I would personally rank everyone, for future mocking purposes.

-Some sort of live blog/chat for at least the first day of the draft.

-After the draft, I'll post a list of 2010 draft prospects.

So June should be a pretty busy month here, which is good, because it's a pretty quiet time of the year for college hockey.