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Draft Linkorama

The NHL Draft Combine was this weekend. The top prospects for the draft were poked, prodded, tested, and interviewed. For the most part, creepiness outweighs usefulness here. But here's some news on what's going on with the draft.

I took my first crack at a mock draft , so feel free to mock away.

TSN had their annual combine blog, detailing which players vomited after their workouts. This year: Chris Kreider and Jordan Schroeder blew chunks. Jonathan Toews did the same three years ago at the Combine, and since this event is all about drawing causation from correlation, I'm counting that as a good sign.

Zach Budish did a blog for KARE11, detailing his time at the Combine. NCAA prospects have a tough time because they can only be there 48 hours, meaning top prospects have to cram a lot of interviews into a short period of time.

There were some questions about Harvard recruit Louis Leblanc going to the QMJHL, but apparently he was telling scoutshe's definitely going to Harvard. I haven't heard anything about John Moore.

I probably shouldn't be touching this with a 10-foot clown pole, but our legal team advised us last week that we're usually cool as long as we use the word alledgedly, so alledgedly this could alledgedly have an effect on this year's draft, alledgedly.