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OHL Draft Results

OHL Draft results are here. I'll just go through and highlight and couple of picks that were of interest to me.

Round 1 Pick 19 London: Scott Harrington. One of the downsides of the OHL getting so much information about these kids out before the draft is that it allows more people to see just what a sham this draft is at times. Harrington followed the playbook to perfection in order to land on the high-profile team he wanted.. I'm thinking we see one or two more staunch denials that he has any interest in playing in the OHL before a late summer epiphany that maybe signing with London for a wheelbarrow full of cash isn't a bad idea. There's a lot of sleazy enterprises in the sporting world, but none offers such rewards for actively lying the way the OHL does. Like I said: Dirtiest Day in Sports.

Round 2 Pick 3 Kitchener: John Moore. I mentioned that Moore was likely to get selected in this draft late in March, but forgot to mention it in my previews. Getting selected by Kitchener is better than London, but not by much. I don't think this changes the panic level at all for Colorado College fans, but it should have been pretty high to begin with. A lot of people are comparing him to John Carlson, which isn't fair since they're two different people, but the situations are certainly similar. Like Carlson last year, we should get a pretty good indication of what he's doing prior to the NHL Draft in June.

Round 2 Pick 4 Saginaw: Vincent Trochek. I think Trochek got offered an NTDP spot fairly early in the process and never accepted, so he'll probably sign with Saginaw.

Round 2 Pick 13 Plymouth: Matt Mahalak. Mahalak's brother plays for Plymouth so likelihood of him signing eventually is pretty high.

Round 3 Pick 20 Sault Ste Marie: Trevor Morbeck. Morbeck expressed interest in the OHL earlier this year. I'd expect him to sign eventually.

Round 4 Pick 7 Windsor: Craig Duinick. The former St. Cloud-native looks like a good bet to sign with the Spits

Round 4 Pick 11 Guelph: Zack Mitchell. Mitchell slipped a little bit, but the fourth round isn't total flier territory.

Pretty much all of the American kids after that look unlikely to sign, at least right away. Other than the John Moore thing, it wasn't that bad of a day in terms of guys going to the NCAA route. They'll lose a couple kids, but at this point, it's not like they were kids teams were beating down the doors to get a verbal commitment from, so it makes it a little easier to wave goodbye.