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The Omaha World-Herald lists some candidates to replace Mike Kemp. There's some very good candidates with connections to either UNO or the Omaha Lancers.

Minnesota assistant coach Mike Hastings is considered one of the top candidates for the job, but said he's interested in staying at Minnesota. That said, UNO hasn't called Hastings yet, and I'm sure that they will, so that could change things. For now, it just seems that Hastings is covering her bases.

The NAHL's Motor City Machine were sold to a group from Japan. There's just limitless joke potential here, between a Motor City group being bought out by the Japanese to anything involving the phrase 'Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto". On the plus side, perhaps a few top players from Japan will make their way over to the US.

.The NAHL created a Prospects League that will compete in a number of tournaments around the country. It sounds like a good idea because most of those programs come from non-traditional hockey areas, so it allows those kids some more exposure and better competition.

The Portland Winterhawks put out perhaps the the dumbest press release I've ever seen.

The Denver Post's Mike Chambers has been hammering all summer that next year's DU team could be the best ever, thanks in part to some very talented defensemen coming in. Though in the same post, he also mentions that last year's senior class should have included Chris Butler, T.J. Fast, and Julian Marcuzzi, three very highly-touted defensive recruits, only one of whom really lived up to expectations.