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Kemp Moves to AD Office

Radio stations in Omaha are now reporting that Nebraska-Omaha head coach Mike Kemp will step down as head coach at UNO in order to become Assistant Athletic Director for Hockey at UNO.

Kemp has been the only head coach at UNO since the program started, though a lack of success in recent years has drawn the ire of some fans. Kemp stays a part of the program, and it gives UNO someone that understands hockey in the athletic director's office.

On the downside, Kemp wasn't in favor of UNO moving to the WCHA, and UNO, at least right now, looks like the best and only option out there in order to get Bemidji State into the WCHA, and now that Kemp is the one calling the shots for hockey in the athletic department, you'd have to think that would be his decision.

UNO will also have to hire a new head hockey coach. The most obvious candidate that springs to mind is beloved former Omaha Lancer head coach Mike Hastings, who is currently an assistant coach at Minnesota, but with UNO being the only major head coaching job open this year, I'm sure there will be many candidates for the job.