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Moorhead Thinking About Hockey

The newspaper out in Fargo-Moorhead had an interesting piece saying that Minnesota State University-Moorhead is considering starting a hockey program to potentially join the WCHA.

It's a nice idea, but there's a couple issues here.

1. Lots of schools have "explored the possibility" of starting a program. That exploration almost always leads to the same place: "Damn, it costs a lot of money to run a hockey program."

2. I doubt the WCHA would have any interest in MSU-M. Yes, the WCHA would like a 12th team to join their conference along with Bemidji State, but they've also made it pretty clear that the conference members won't vote for just another team, and Moorhead would pretty much be the definition of "just another team". The current debate is whether the WCHA has reached it's maximum level of small Minnesota state universities, or if there is room for one more. Two more is pretty much out of the question.

Best of luck to Moorhead if they decide they're serious about this, but I don't see it getting off the ground.