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Meet Scott Harrington

I didn't mention this in my OHL Draft Preview, and more likely than not, this doesn't mean much, but this year's OHL Draft seems relatively drama free, so why not.

Scott Harrington, a defenseman from Kingston, who is projected to go as high as number one overall in the OHL Draft on Saturday, has come out and said he wants to play in the NCAA. Let's see what his agent/"family advisor" had to say.

""He's going to be going the NCAA route,"

That's good.

"hockey agent Darren Ferris of The Orr Hockey Group in Toronto said about his client. "

That's bad. I think most Orr Group clients tend to end up in the OHL.

"He could always change his mind next year..."

That's bad.

"...but right now his aspiration is to go to the NCAA,"

That's good.

"Also, his yogurt contains sodium benzoate"

...That's bad(Ok, he didn't really say that)

And what does Harrington himself have to say on the matter?

"Our plan right now is to go NCAA, so we're going to focus on that route right now and we'll see what happens on draft day,"

Yeah, that would have been 100% more believable if he had stopped talking two-thirds of the way through.

I think the bottom line here is that he knows he's slated to be picked in the top part of the draft. He knows Kingston is drafting in the top part of the draft. He's a local kid. I'm sure he reads Neate Sager's blog. He knows that the Fronts front office is a Mavesty(rhymes with...). If he has to use whatever leverage he has to end up in a better situation, more power to him.