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Americans in WHL Draft

The WHL held their Bantam Draft today. Here's a listing of the American kids that got selected.

Round 1, 11th overall Everett- Seth Jones, Dallas, Texas

Round 3, 53rd overall Kelowna-Cole Martin, Arlington, Texas

Round 4, 68th overall Portland-AJ Michaelson, Apple Valley, Minnesota

Round 5, 97th overall Medicine Hat- Luke Johnson, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Round 5, 98th overall Kamloops-Chase Souto, Yorba Linda, California

Round 7, 144th overall Seattle- Johnny Dora, Erie, Colorado

Round 7, 152nd overall Vancouver-Matias Cleland, Longmont, Colorado

Round 7, 153rd overall Vancouver-Dennis Kravchenko, San Clemente, California

Round 8, 156th overall Portland-Josh Hanson, Anchorage, Alaska

Round 8, 161st overall Everett-Josh Racek, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Round 8 171st overall Kelowna- Nicholas Kerdiles, Irvine, California

Ok,there's a lot of these. I'm shortening it a little...

Round 9:

Austin Carroll, Scottsdale, Arizona, Nikolas Olsson, Escondido, California, Gavin Stoick, Portland, Oregon, Chris Buchanan, San Jose, California, Austin Ho, Chino Hill, California,

Round 10:

Quentin Shore, Denver, Colorado, Nicholas Anderson, San Jose, California, Darrin Robinson, Aurora, Colorado, Luke McColgan, Manhattan Beach, California, Drew Newmeyer, Scottsdale, Arizona, Dillon Bogart, Spokane, Washington

Round 11:

Jake Montgomery, Oakdale, Minnesota,

Round 12:

Zane Schartz, Plano, Texas

Round 13:

Dan Kowalski, Centennial, Colorado

All in all, it looks like fairly good news. Seth Jones went in the first round of the draft to Everett, so it looks good that he'll sign with them.

Otherwise, everyone else seems to have went low enough that it doesn't look like they'll be signing immediately. Cleland seems to have went much lower than people had him ranked, while Henrik Samuelsson wasn't picked at all.

The only kids out of that group that I've seen are AJ Michaelson, Jake Montgomery,and Drew Newmeyer, and they were all talented, but being '94 birthdates, it's too early to draw any big conclusions. If nothing else, it gives people a good base to start following this age group.