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Is Somebody Else in Trouble?

Brad Schlossman posted a transcript of the WCHA's conference call, and WCHA commissioner Bruce McLeod said something interesting that I haven't seen touched on much.

Here's the quote:

All of us know the issues that Bowling Green and another school are having in regards to longevity and the health of their program there. It's certainly a delicate issue.

A lot has been made of Bowling Green's financial difficulties, but--at least to my knowledge--there hasn't been a lot said about another CCHA program potentially dropping hockey.

Western Michigan can't be on the most solid ground. They don't get a lot of support from the university, and some people have argued the school's mismanagement of the program is based on the idea of someday cutting the program altogether.

Ferris State and Lake Superior are both little guys, and have to be feeling a little squeeze financially, but I think both areas are probably committed enough to their programs to stick around.

In any case, it looks like in the face of some very difficult economic times, the consequences in college hockey may be more severe than we all thought.