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WCHA Meeting Notes

Brad Schlossman did a great job getting notes on everything said during the WCHA's conference call today, discussing expansion. The bottom line is that Bemidji State's future rests on the WCHA's ability to find a 12th team to join them, and they will actively pursue them.

That means the WCHA will probably have to start groveling to Nebraska-Omaha, a team that once applied to join their league and was rejected. Score one for irony.

I think all attention now turns to UNO's search for a new athletic director, which is scheduled to be announced tomorrow morning at 11am CST. Whoever gets the job will have to make a huge decision on the future of the school's only D-! program. Given Trev Alberts football background and commitment to making sure UNO athletes piss excellence and finish in the top half of their conference, I've got to think he'd lean towards staying in the CCHA. None of the other three candidates have any sort of hockey background, so I don't see them getting pumped about North Dakota or Denver either, but I'm sure they all know how to read a spreadsheet, and the WCHA provides some attractive financial incentives.