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Three Leave Bowling Green

This is way old news, but I forgot to post about it at the time, so I might as well now. The Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune doesn't have the article on their website any more, but forwards David Solway and Patrick Tiesling, and defenseman Nick Bailen have all decided to leave Bowling Green and transfer elsewhere.

All three players were underclassmen and apparently asked for assurance that Bowling Green's program would be around for more than one season. When the university could not guarantee that, they decided to leave. They were released from their scholarships under the condition that they don't transfer to another CCHA school.

Solway was considering tranferring to Wisconsin, though it's questionable whether there is space for him. Tiesling is also from Wisconsin,while Bailen is originally from New York, and the only one of the three that is young enough to return to junior hockey next season while he sits out his transfer year.

This is a really huge blow to Bowling Green. After finishing in last place last season, losing three pretty solid players off their can't help their chances of improving, which is bad news for a program that may be on the chopping block.