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Jeremy Morin officially signed with the Kitchener Rangers. Morin probably handled the situation as well as possible. He never made a verbal commitment so it's not like he left anybody hanging. In fact, I think most every team knew the situation and moved on. And he waited until the NTDP's season was over to make things official and avoid distraction. Hopefully more kids that are better suited for the CHL route follow his example.

It sounds like former Wisconsin recruit turned Maine recruit Nick Pryor is struggling to qualify to get into Maine.

Kalamazoo area freelance Rick Shanley posted about an interesting rumor that Western Michigan head coach Jim Culhane is only being kept around because he might one day be promoted to a job in the athletic department.

Yesterday was Trev Alberts' day to meet with the public and media in Omaha as he interviews for the AD job there. It was pretty much what you'd expect. He talked about 'excellence' a lot, and was pretty non-committal with anything having to do with the hockey program. From what I saw, there wasn't anything asked about the WCHA, which is Major Issue #2 for whomever gets hired, right after they decide what to do with head coach Mike Kemp. Also, sadly, he mentioned nothing about the hockey team recruiting "Southern speed" over those big, plodding, Canadians from the north.

Alberts also said this:

"I've worked extremely hard to have integrity, to do things the right way, to have a reputation that engenders confidence and credibility. That's important to me."

That's a tough sell, when prior to last week, the last I had heard from him from him was this.