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Two Removed from U17s

There's been a lot of stories and rumors about players facing discipline at the NTDP this past week.

So far, there's been confirmation that Stu Higgins and Willie Yanakeff have been kicked off the U17 team. Higgins is committed to Maine, while Yanakeff is committed to Michigan State. There's rumors of a couple other players getting into some trouble too, but I'll wait until those get confirmed. A lot of mud is probably going to get slung towards the NTDP for this, but more because people like to sling mud at the NTDP for any fault, real or perceived, than for any valid reason. High school juniors and seniors trying to drink alcohol? Surely that happens no where else outside of the tiny vacuum of Ann Arbor. What's most disappointing is that those players would throw away such a special opportunity to represent their country over something so stupid.