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Weekend Open Thread

It's a big week in the WCHA as we try to figure out who is going where for the playoffs, and the CCHA playoffs get underway, with seven teams trying to extend their season one more weekend, and Ohio State trying not to choke away a possible NCAA tournament.

Here's a thread for all your comments on whatever goes down this weekend. FanPosts and FanShots about anything you want to talk about are an option as well.

Enjoy the games this weekend everyone.

Friday Night Update:

So Wisconsin, Minnesota-Duluth, Minnesota, and St. Cloud were all competing for one of the final two home ice playoff spots tonight, and in perfectly appropriate fashion based on how this season has gone in the WCHA, all four lost.

Wisconsin's loss is understandable. North Dakota clinched the league title on the road against the Badgers.

But the other three were up against the bottom three teams in the league, and none could come away with a point. Particularly impressive was Minnesota's 6-5 overtime loss to Michigan Tech, given that Michigan Tech has only managed to score six goals in a weekend series once this season. The only inspirationshown by St. Cloud tonight came when Dan Dunn tried to invent a new style of defending breakaways. Sadly, it crashed--quite literally into his own defenseman. Minnesota-Duluth took a 3-1 lead into the second half of their game and then gave up four straight goals. The big winner on the evening turned out to Colorado College, who had the foresight to not win their Friday night game weeks ago, and have now clinched home ice.

The only underdog to win in the CCHA was Lake Superior.That game drew 620 people. Ohio State's game drew 817. They need to get on the Verizon Network or something.