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Pick'em Update: You Guys Suck

So eight games were played this weekend, with a possible 16 total points available to someone who picked a perfect bracket. Out of the 35 entries I received, the top score for the weekend was..........

9 points.

Seriously? That's awful. Three people are tied for second place with eight points. Everyone else would have been better off with the George Constanza method of picking the exact opposite of whomever they thought would win. The average score was a paltry 5.1. I'm in a three-way tied for dead last with the three points I picked from from BU's two wins(I was genuinely convinced OSU was coming back to win when they made it 6-2). I should have made a rule that for administrative purposes, all games would be considered final at the 19:59 mark of the third period.

As you could ascertain from the stats, only a couple people had Miami and Vermont making the Frozen Four. Congratulations you crazy bastards. Nobody had Bemidji State in the Frozen Four, and almost everybody had BU. If you look closely, you'll also notice that the only points people can pick up in the Frozen Four come from BU winning, which kind of takes the excitement out of the last weekend. I don't know, maybe Michigan can get together with Notre Dame at the Cube and play an exhibition game for all of us losers to try and pick.