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Michigan Considering Outdoor Game

The Univesity of Michigan hockey team currently holds the record for playing in front of the largest hockey crowd ever in a game against Michigan State in 2001. Next year, they'll likely break that record when they play Wisconsin at Camp Randall Stadium, and if things go according to plan, they could break both of those records in December 2010 by hosting their outdoor game at Michigan Stadium.

A hockey game at the Big House has been rumored for years, but with Michigan Stadium being in the process of being renovated, and with Red Berenson's career getting closer to the end, now might be the right time for it.

MGoBlog mentions Michigan State as the most logical opponent, though that might depend on if they can get their hockey program back on track by then. If they spend another season in the CCHA cellar. a stronger program like a Wisconsin or Minnesota might be a better option. Another interesting option would be Notre Dame, which would mix a budding hockey rivlary with a longstanding football rivalry.