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Stoa Signs with Avalanche

I've been waiting all day for a reputable source to confirm Ryan Stoa signing with the Colorado Avalanche, but all I've seen so far is a drug addict, an anything-but-sports radio station, and Shooter, which is like the trifecta of questionable sources in the Twin Cities.

But we'll go with it and say that Minnesota's Ryan Stoa has signed with the Colorado Avalanche. Technically Stoa could have come back for another season, but he had been at Minnesota for four years and was probably ready to start his pro career. The Avalanche are pretty brutal right now. On the plus side, it's given some ex-college guys like Matt Hendricks, Derek Peltier, and Wes O'Neill the opportunity to say that they were once an NHL hockey player. Stoa might get an opportunity to step in right away as well.

It will be interesting to see if anyone else follows Stoa out the door at Minnesota. His signing was pretty expected, but there could be two or three others that also leave Minnesota over the summer.