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By the Numbers

One last reminder to anyone that hasn't entered: you can still enter the WCH Tournament Pick'em up until the start of the first game this afternoon. Also, I sent back a confirmation back a confirmation email to everyone that has entered, so if you cleverly titled your picks IRISH NATIONAL LOTTERY or BUY THESE PILLS THAT WILL KILL YOU and ended up in my Spam folder, try sending them again.

Anyway, based on the picks I've received so far, I thought it would be interesting to look at what percentage of people picked each team to win.

I'll give four percentages for each team: % for first round victory/% for regional final victory/% for Frozen Four victory/% for national title.

Midwest Regional

Notre Dame: 96.5%/72.4%/48.2%/20.6%

Northeastern: 72.4%/20.6%/17.2%/0

Cornell: 27.5%/6.8%/3.4%/3.4%

Bemidji State: 3.4%/0/0/0

So Mr. General Consensus has Notre Dame beating Northeastern in the regional final. There wasn't a lot of love for Cornell, except for one guy who really liked them. Bemidji has the opportunity to ruin everyone's bracket.

West Regional


Minnesota-Duluth: 82.7%/44.8%/17.4%/3.4%

Princeton: 17.2%/0/0/0

Miami: 20.6%/10.3%/0/0

No surprise that the public has the least amount of confidence in the weakest number one seed. They're evenly split between DU and UMD in the regional final. I think people really underrate what Princeton can do, though the fact that they have to play on big ice again this year concerns me. Top to bottom, I think this is the most intriguing regional, and I could see any of the four teams coming out of it.

East Regional

Michigan: 89.6%/72.4%/13.7/10.3%

Yale: 48.2%/17.2%/3.4%/0

Vermont: 51.8%/10.3%/0/0

Air Force: 10.3%/0/0/0

I'm a little surprised the majority picked against Yale in the first round since they're the host school and apparently the 8000 seat arena they are playing at in Bridgeport is sold out. ECAC bias strikes again, I guess.

Northeast Regional

Boston University: 96.5%/75.8%/65.5%/48.2%

North Dakota: 75.8%/17.2%/13.7%/10.3%

New Hampshire: 24.2%/6.8%/0/0

Ohio State: 3.5%/0/0/0

The public has BU as pretty much an even money favorite to win the whole thing. A couple people seem to think that if North Dakota gets hot, they could end up going very far, and there's probably some truth to that. New Hampshire is another host not getting much respect, but given how they've played of late and who they are up against, it's no surprise they're not getting much love.