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2009 WCH Tournament Pick'em

After taking last year off, I'm going to try running the third ever WCH NCAA Tournament Pick'em. I looked into a couple different ways of doing it and I think the simplest way to do things is by email like we've done in the past.

How to Enter

All you have to do is email your picks to me at westerncollegehockey AT You can view the bracket here for reference. Make sure you note that the West regional winner plays the Midwest winner in one semi-final and the East plays Northeast in the other. I've seen some brackets where that was wrong or unclear.

Preferred order/format for your picks would be: Notre Dame/BSU, Northeastern/Cornell, Midwest Regional Final, Denver/Miami, UMD/Princeton, West Final, Michigan/Air Force, Yale/Vermont, East Final, BU/OSU, UNH/North Dakota, Northeast Final, Midwest/West, East/Northeast, Champion. Though as long as any monkey of moderate intelligence can figure out who you are picking, it's not a big deal.

The first game of the tournament starts Friday at 3 p.m. EST, so all entries should be in before that game starts.


I'm going with a more traditional scoring format this time around since everybody is pretty close to equal in this tournament. It will be one point for each correct first round game, 2 points for each correct regional final, four points for each correct semi-final, and 8 points if you correctly predict the tournament winner.


Sadly, still nothing more than the satisfaction of beating out some of college hockey's greatest minds and some measure of fame and acclaim on this blog.

Best of luck!