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NTDP Tryout List

The World of Junior Hockey blog posted USA Hockey's NTDP Final 40 tryout list.

I'm sticking with my impression that this year's group might be a little down compared to other years, but things could be down across the board since that age group's draft is already being called one of the weakest in memory(if you can take projections this early seriously). It also doesn't help that they're going to miss three of the top kids in that age so far in Shane McColgan, Seth Ambroz, and Colin Jacobs.

Anyway, looking at the group that has been selected, there's only three players with college commitments so far compared to eight last year when the tryout roster was announced. Also a little less emphasis on MWEHL kids this year. I think they could come out of this with a pretty solid group of defensemen. I'm a little less confident in the forwards, but they're all young and a lot can change. The goalies are pretty much a crapshoot at this age.

It will be interesting to see how the team is selected. Last year, a couple kids turned down spots in the program, but there were players just as good, if not better, behind them willing to take a spot. This year, I don't know that they'll have that luxury if a couple kids pass on the opportunity to play for their country.