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Figuring Out the Field

Well, now that all of the games have been played and plugged into the computer, the field of 16 should look like this according to the PWR:

1. Boston University(Automatic Qualifier)

2. Notre Dame(Automatic Qualifier)

3. Denver

4. Michigan

5. Yale(Automatic Qualifier)

6. Northeastern

7. Minnesota-Duluth(Automatic Qualifier)

8. North Dakota

9. Vermont

10. New Hampshire

11. Cornell

12. Princeton

13. Miami

14. Air Force

15. Ohio State

16. Bemidji State(Automatic Qualifier)

Which means the brackets for the NCAA tournament announced tomorrow will probably look something like this...

Northeast Regional

1. Boston University

4. Bemidji State


3. New Hampshire

East Regional

1. Denver

4. Princeton

2. Yale


Midwest Regional

1. Notre Dame

4. Air Force


3. Cornell

West Regional

1. Michigan

4. Minnesota

2. North Dakota

3. Vermont

For as much as we're supposed to know by Saturday evening, I know I'll be tuning in with interest on Sunday morning...