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Playing with the Bubble

Wisconsin is currently leading North Dakota 3-1 in the third period of the WCHA consolation game, which is bad news for Minnesota. If the Badgers hang on to win, Minnesota needs about four other results to go their way to sneak into the tournament.

One of those games would be Michigan beating Notre Dame. Obviously Michigan would enjoy winning the CCHA tournament championship, but they can't pass Notre Dame in the PWR, and thus, it's likely that they have no chance of ending up at the Grand Rapids regional. You have to wonder if Michigan wouldn't be better off losing and removing any possibility of taking on Minnesota on Minnesota's home ice in the first round of the NCAA tournament. I'm not saying Michigan should take a dive here, but really, no Michigan fans are going to be paying attention anyway with the big basketball game today. A loss might not be the worst thing...

Update: Princeton tied St. Lawrence, so it doesn't matter what Michigan does.