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Denver Beats Wisconsin

Denver beat Wisconsin 3-0 in the first WCHA Final Five semifinal. They'll meet the winner of the North Dakota/UMD game.

I'm not going to lie, most of this game was pretty boring and I probably spent more time with West Virginia/Dayton than this game, but Wisconsin did not play very well. It looked like they all read their copies of How to Play with Your Season On the Line by Motzko et al.

Denver built a 1-0 lead on a nice transition break by Brian Gifford, and extended their lead in the second period on a nice play by Kyle Ostrow. From there, Denver was able to sit back and control the game. Wisconsin is a much better team when they can play with the lead because they just don't have the difference-makers on offense to get their team back into a game.

Generally speaking, I think this loss is pretty disastrous to Wisconsin's tourney hopes, and probably step 1 of a number of steps for Minnesota to get into the tournament. Denver probably locks up their #1 seed with this win.