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Bowling Green On Thin Ice

"Hockey is one of the sports we can compete on a national level. You look at the teams which have competed in the Frozen Four and we can compete with those teams. Hockey is very important, but we have to make it a priority and give them the resources to be successful."

--Bowling Green athletic director Greg Christopher in March of 2007

The Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune stirred up some news today when it was reported that there are rumors that Bowling Green is considering dropping their hockey program. Nobody would really say anything on the record, but then again, you wouldn't expect anyone to until a decision was made and everything was in order.

Like I said back in February when these rumors first started, true or not, the fact that these rumors are so believable speaks to problems in Bowling Green's program that will go beyond a decision by the University board.

It would be a shame to see a program with such history get cut. It would also be one more piece of evidence that the game is changing and that smaller schools that used to be able to compete on a national level are quickly being left behind.

Times are tough and there are no simple solutions here. Bowling Green doesn't have to lose their hockey program. In fact, their hockey program could very easily be a huge boost to the university. But it's a matter of deciding how big a priority the hockey team is, and then doing a better job of giving them the resources needed to be successful.