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New Commits

Yesterday was a pretty busy day as far as commitments go. Most of these come from Chris Heisenberg.

Former BU goalie Brett Bennett committed to Wisconsin. Bennett struggled through two years at BU, before heading back to the USHL, where he has been very good this season. It sounds like a case of a kid just being more ready for college hockey as a 20-year-old than as an 18-year-old, which isn't all that uncommon, especially among goalies.

That leaves Wisconsin in an awkward position with goalie Aaron Crandall who Wisconsin committed to a year and a half ago. Crandall has really struggled in the USHL since leaving St. Thomas Academy. He is able to play another year of junior hockey, so if Wisconsin decided to honor the commitment they made to him, he could come in a freshman when goalie Scott Gudmanson is a senior, and Bennett a junior.

Another USHL goalie, Sioux Falls' Eric Hartzell committed to Quinnipiac. Hartzell reportedly had an offer to back-up Alex Kangas at Minnesota last summer, but passed, wanting to have more of a shot at starting somewhere. Minnesota ended up with Kent Patterson, which probably worked out better for them, since Patterson seems have been playing about one-third--emphasis on third--of his team's minutes lately.

Minnesota State added their 8th defenseman for next season in gigantic NAHL defenseman Tyler Elbrecht. Elbrecht left the Omaha Lancers this fall, saying he was enrolling at Iowa State and playing club hockey there, but somehow caught on with the St. Louis Bandits. So he's going from potentially playing in the ACHA to the WCHA in less than a year. Elbrecht is 6'5" and between 200 and 225 lbs.

Anchorage added AJHL defenseman Quinn Sproule.

Lake Superior added OJHL forward Domenic Monardo.