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Video has surfaced of Notre Dame kicking in the first goal against Michigan. All the talk about it has centered around the video review of the play, but with four officials on the ice, did they really need help from a video?

Of course there is one simple solution to this that I've argued for some time. Every year, a couple times per season there is some discussion about a controversial goal that may or may not have been kicked in. Was his foot moving forward? Was he trying to kick it in? Is it a deflection? It would save everyone a ton of trouble if they just allowed everything. If it would count in a soccer game, let it count in a hockey game. There's no more worrying about intent, and more goals would be scored. The upper levels of hockey have been trying to increase scoring for years, and this would seem to make more sense than other goofy ideas tossed around like bigger nets or oddly shaped goalposts.

Red Berenson didn't exactly hide his feelings about the two calls, and raised the very valid question of 'Why the hell are John Philo and Brian Aaron assigned to such an important series?' It's becoming a real problem in the CCHA. There's only so much Shegos to go around. Doubling the amount of referees needed has really hurt the quality of the league's officiating.

Tuesday came and went without anything from the league on Brian Schack. Apparently they stuck with the logic that "Somebody's knee can get bent [in a pileup]." If you push somebody in front of a moving train, and they get hit, it's not the train's fault. By this logic, nobody should be penalized for hitting from behind because sometimes bad things happen when a player goes into the boards.

Al Stalock is featured in FanHouse's NHL prospect watch. For the record, I would change: "Has Stalock been burned for his wandering? Sure, but not as much as you may think" to "Has Stalock been burned for his wandering? Sure, more than you could possibly think."

Corey Tropp's stranged journey landed him back at MSU. Tropp was originally scheduled to play for Sioux Falls last weekend, but the USHL decided it would probably reflect poorly on them if Tropp took the ice less than one week after such an ugly incident and suspended Tropp indefinitely. That was a lucky break for Tropp, because then this week, it was determined that since Tropp was enrolled at MSU for the spring semester, playing with Sioux Falls would kill his eligibility.

So now he's back in East Lansing. MSU's team went to head coach Rick Comley and asked that Tropp be allowed to return to the team next season. That's probably a good thing for MSU because they will need Tropp next season. If Jeff Petry leaves for the pros, how many quality returning players will MSU have left? Two? Maybe three? They'll definitely need Tropp to return to form.