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Don Lucia still isn't backing off about Brian Schack "protecting his players". He still doesn't clarify whether or not Jake Hansen deserved to have his season ended in a pretty brutal way for his vicious hit from behind.

Meanwhile, the Chapter 11-Tribune in Minneapolis reports that the league is looking into what happened and any decisions on supplemental discipline would come down on Tuesday.

One disappoiting note from the article:

Asked whether Boe’s season-ending injury makes it more likely Schack will receive an additonal penalty, Spencer implied no. “From what I heard,” Spencer said, “there was a big pileup. Somebody’s knee [or ankle in Boe’s case] can get bent in those.”

Ya know, maybe said pileup wouldn't have happened had Schack not tackled Boe from behind. That's why doing that is dangerous, and should probably be called for more than just a two-minute penalty. Though on the topic of protecting the players, if no further discipline comes down on Schack, that would mark the third Minnesota State player this season to miss at least two weekends of hockey because of an infraction that only drew a two-minute penalty, with Todd Anderson and Brad Shepherd being the officiating crew on two of them. Your move, Pete Friesma and Don Adam.

St. Cloud is supposed to travel to Anchorage this weekend, but things could be made difficult by....a volcano? No seriously:

SCSU is still scheduled to leave Wednesday, but UAA officials have warned SCSU of the possibility that travel to Anchorage could be interrupted, the Huskies could make it to Anchorage only to have the games postponed by an eruption, or they could play the games only to have an eruption prevent them from being able to return to St. Cloud on Sunday.

The volcano is currently Color Code Orange.(Not to be confused with Terror Alert Blackwatch Plaid) got some more answers on the goal controversies in Saturday's Michigan/Notre Dame game. The final verdict: both calls were probably wrong, but they were handled correctly by the officiating staff. On the second play, it wasn't that the net came off, it was that the official outside the zone thought he saw the net move and blew the play dead prematurely.

The only real problem with the two official system that I've noticed this year, is situations like that, where a referee 100 feet away from the play is making a call rather than the official standing 5 feet from the play. I hate to pick on one guy, but if somebody comes up with a name for this phenomenon, it should involve Todd Anderson.

I'll be honest, I really don't care about the Beanpot. But I will say that I'm officially 2-for-2--along with everyone else--in my Beanpot predictions. I'm the only one with Northeastern winning it all though, so depending on the outcome of next week's game, expect a lot of celebration or to never hear of this again.

Hockey's Future interviewed Wisconsin's Derek Stepan.

Garrett Clarke is apparently still kind of a tool, since he was suspended indefinitely by the QMJHL for a cross-check.