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WMU Lowers Ticket Prices

The prospect of 9th place Western Michigan battling it out with last place Bowling Green on the last weekend of the season isn't exactly an appealing one. And with Michigan's economy struggling, a lot of people don't have a ton of money to shell out to watch bad hockey.

As a result, Western Michigan is reducing ticket prices down to $5 for each game this weekend. This is a nice move by the university to at least try and get a few people into the building for the team's Senior Night, and really, $5 is probably closer to what the tickets should cost based on simple supply and demand anyway.

Of course, similar plans have backfired. Michigan State cut ticket prices in half in the middle of the season from $20 down to $10, angering many season ticket holders who had already shelled out $20 per game to watch the NAHL's best get pounded on by the rest of the CCHA.

And obviously there are going to be long-term consequences when less money is being poured into the program. When WCHA teams can charge $20 a ticket and still fill their buildings, it's going to be tough for some of these smaller CCHA schools to compete on that level financially.