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HS Hockey Round-Up

Some of the sectional brackets for the Minnesota High School Hockey tournament are starting to be posted on the MSHSL website. Click on the hyperlink 'B' to get the bracket for each section.

If I had to rank each section in terms of quality, I'd break it down like this:

Class AA: 1. Section 2 2. Section 6 3. Section 5 4. Section 7 5. Section 8 6. Section 4 7. Section 3 8. Section 1

Class A: 1. Section 4 2. Section 7 3. Section 1 4. Section 8 5. Section 5 6. Section 2 7 Section 6 8. Section 3

Once all the brackets are posted, I'll get working on making my picks for the 16 teams going to St. Paul.

It was a strange week of almost-records for some high schoolers. Mankato East's Dan Billiar thought he tied John Mayasich's record of seven goals in one game, along with Ben Hanowski and Moose Lake's Michael Unzen, but it turns out somebody else had more goals. I'm not familiar with Unzen, but Billiar is a nice example of one of the many players that may not go on to star at higher levels of hockey, but is a pretty nice high school hockey player.

Meanwhile, it was thought that Tyler Voight was going to break Rochester Lourdes' career scoring record Wednesday night against La Crescent, until some older were discovered and it turned out Voight is still a couple points short.