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LaPoint Out for Season

North Dakota defenseman Derrick LaPoint is out for the season after breaking two bones in his leg on Saturday.

As a warning, if you haven't seen this, trust me, you really don't want to. But, if you've seen the photo of what happened, it's no surprise that LaPoint is out for the rest of the season, and actually, very very good news that the outlook is optimisitc for him to return to the ice next season.

There seem to varying opinions on what happened, but the most common story is that there was some incidental contact between LaPoint and Minnesota State's Trevor Bruess, LaPoint lost his balance and went into the boards in an awkward way, catching his skate blade against the bottom of the boards in kind of a freak accident. It doesn't sound any different than the type of hit you see a dozen times per game, but obviously this one ended up having some pretty severe consequences. It's a shame to see LaPoint lose the rest of his season, but hopefully he makes a full recovery. No penalty was directly handed out on the play, though powerplay opportunities, which up to that point in the weekend had been equal, ending up swinging 9-3 in North Dakota's favor for the rest of the game.