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Injury Notes

Denver's Patrick Mullen received a one game suspension(aka The North Dakota Death Penalty) for his slash on Minnesota-Duluth's Mike Connolly. Denver just plays one game this weekend against rival Colorado College.

North Dakota's Zach Jones is questionable this weekend. Also in that series, Minnesota State's Channing Boe is obviously still out with a broken leg.

Minnesota is finally healthy again after a month of having guys banged up.

St. Cloud hosts Michigan Tech. Tech hasn't won in St. Cloud in a very long time, but St. Cloud will be without defensemen Brett Barta and Sam Zabkowicz, and forward Jared Festler.

Wisconsin's Brendan Smith is using the bye week to try and get healthy for UW's series against Denver in two weeks, after suffering an injury at the start of January.

Christian Hanson and Ryan Thang are injured for Notre Dame.