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New Arena Rumored for Irish

Notre Dame has become one of the strongest hockey programs in the nation over the past couple of years and show no signs of regressing any time soon thanks to the work of head coach Jeff Jackson. Aside from turning the hockey team into a national contender, Jackson's other goal coming into Notre Dame was to get a new arena built for the Irish to replace the team's less-than-ideal home in the Joyce Center. That second goal could soon become a reality.

Mike Coffey, head wrote a post on his site detailing the plan for a new arena. The rumor is that the arena will hold 4 to 5 thousand people, and will have a second sheet of ice for a practice rink, and possibly a women's hockey team in the future. The arena could be finished in time for the 2011-2012 season.

I contacted someone involved with the Notre Dame hockey program who couldn't officially say anything about the rumors, but did say we should hear more about it soon.

If this is true, and it really sounds like it is, this is a great development for Notre Dame's hockey program and a positive step towards the long-term success of the program.